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Orchard Hills Church | January 23, 2018

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                 Lisa Miles, Director –

                 Brenda Simmons, Asst., Director –


 Our Mission

Orchard Hills Church mission is, “People Investing in People for Eternity”.Our children’s ministry, called OHC Kids, follows this same mission. OHC Kids exists to create an environment of positive, personal investment in the lives of children through loving and consistent leaders who incite wonder, encourage discovery, and fuel passion for authentic faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Curriculum     

Flyer Forbes pictureOrchard Hills uses children’s curriculum from Orange Group.  From preschool through sixth grade, the Orange Strategy and curriculum draw on the elements of wonder, discovery, and passion – interlocking essentials that build a student’s view of God, the world and themselves.

First Look – Nursery through Pre-k 4’s:

The First Look curriculum is designed so that each child will grow up believing that: 

       God loves me!        God made me!      Jesus wants to be my friend, forever!

Studio 252 – kindergarten through 6th grade

The 252 curriculum is designed to shape identity through planting the truths of Luke 2:52 in the heart of every elementary aged child.                

I can make the wise choice. 

I can trust God no matter what.

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Partnering with Parents

We know that no influence is stronger in the life of a child than the parent. Our desire is to partner with parents as they raise their children. We offer:

  • Children’s classes from birth through sixth grade during both Sunday morning services & Children’s classes from birth through PreK on Sunday night.

  • Special Needs class during the 11am service, personalized to meet the needs of each enrolled child.

  • Weekly take home pages which are available below for each age group.  

  • Individual meetings for families with children interested in salvation or baptism.

  • Opportunities to connect with other families – VBS, Family Sundays, Stations of the Cross, Parent’s Night Out, and more.

  • A parent page on the Orange website, to connect with other parents and receive free resources for parenting.

 Our Paid Nursery Staff       Courtney flyer picture

Infant nurseries through 2 year old toddlers have paid and trained staff members. The nursery staff provides consistent care for our youngest children and builds relationships with parents. In addition, an OHC kids team member is scheduled in each room.

Our Team

There are over 70 people who serve in our children’s ministry each month. All members of our OHC Kids team have undergone a criminal background check and child abuse prevention training. Each volunteer serves in a specific class and are committed to knowing and praying for each child.  

OHC kids handbook 2015        OHC Kids Application to Serve           


 parentcue-52306_396x233           Sidebar_OrangeParents


Parent Cue April 5th Ages 1-PK

Parent Cue April 12th Ages 1-PK

Parent Cue April 19th Ages 1-PK

Parent Cue April 26th Ages 1-PK



Parent Cue April 5th Grades K-6

Parent Cue April 12th Grades K-6

Parent Cue April 19th Grades K-6

Parent Cue April 26th Grades K-6

 Moved, changed phone numbers or email address?  Update your children’s information with OHC.  Just click Form.   This should only take a few minutes to complete and will help us tremendously!